The Voyers

I’m a little indifferent about this film.

I watch the movie because Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith were in it. Two actors that I come to enjoy and they were really good in it together.

The story was really good too. If the bottom-line plot is that vengeance is an artform, then this movie has an ending that’s almost a masterpiece.

However, the story could have been handled better. The movie was a little too over reaching with the trivia (like the fact that one of the Voyeurs is an eye doctor). Things I feel that should have come off as subtle seem to be slapping me in the face whenever I turn around.

The actors were pretty good at keeping us in the moment but not good enough for me not to see what was coming next in this predicable erotic thriller.

As an erotic thriller however its top notch and it had its melodramatic moments that hit in a cool way.

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