I have not seen this movie sinceĀ  back in the day when it use to regularly come on Fox 5 as the whatever night movie.

When I saw the full movie on Youtube i had to check it out again.

I don’t remember it being this bad but it’s one of those so bad it’s good situations. It’s not scary, the alligator effects are not too lame particularly since we are talking about a cheap 1980s movie. Because its so cheap there is not enough Alligator in the movie.

I still liked it however. What it lacks in horror and Sci-fi, Robert Blake makes up for by being charming and the relationship he has with the leading lady is pretty fun to look at. You can chalk this movie up to being about a hard noise cop whose not favored by his peers for getting the job done and then meeting a woman who softens him. the Giant alligator roaming the sewer is just the strange case he happens to pick up as a side plot

Sometimes you watched something as a kid and when you see it as an adult it disappoints you. Alligator should have been this movie, but it wasn’t. it was cool to see it again.


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