Assassin’s creed

I thought the format was interesting but I was not blown away form it.

Michael Fassbender plays Cal a death row inmate saved from lethal injection and is being used to explore the memories of an assassin that lived 500 years ago who happens to be ancestor of Cal and there genetically link will allow Cal to almost become him.

It was kind of cool as this guy Cal was hooked up to a machine that
allowed him to reenact the life of this assassin, as he goes on his action packed quest stop a cult from taking away free will from the human race.

I’ve herd of the game but never played it, so I don’t know what is in
content with it or not, but it did kind of feel like Fassbender was
playing a game, or rather it looked like he was in a very expensive
virtual reality simulator. Super cool.

And the action this guy was reliving was very very good with cool fight scenes and nice special effects added to it.

But as much as I like the plot and the format of the movie, I did not
find it as intriguing as I thought it would be. Michael Fassbender was
charming as hell in this film, but he was it. Everyone and everything
else was just lackluster. Not bad, but falls short from awesome.

Although the movie does look like the game a little, based on what I know of the game which
is really great. Seems like the best video game adaption I ever seen
(But like I said, from what I know of the game which is not much.)

I think it does not help that I was expected a more straight forward
action movie and got something else that I’m not use to.

So Interesting but not intriguing

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