Max Cloud

Wish this was a game on the Sega Genesis

Really loved this movie. Nostalgic as hell. Max Cloud is about a kid from Brooklyn in 1990 who gets sucked into her favorite 16 Bit game Max Cloud as his sidekick Jacke. Max Cloud himself is played by marshal arts action star, and most recently YouTuber with his show the Art of Action, Scott Adkins.

Max Cloud pokes fun at the style of games the fourth generation console was capable of which is were all the fun and laughs come from. It was crazy to see Adkins fight as if he was an AvatarĀ  in a beat em up. You would now have expected that the fight scenes would have been any good doing this angle but they were absolutely great. All the action sequences are kinds tongue and cheek as they compare the real violince with the animated violence. pointing the out the sharp difference made me laugh

The design of the movie was great too. Purposely funny, Max Cloud looks and feels like this game was actually a hit in the 1990s and someone decided to make a movie instantly of it. A bit ironic cause if this was a 90s game and they made this movie in the 90s it would have bombed like Super Mario Bros or Double Dragon.

However, Max Cloud was made in the present and as such homage to my childhood makes it fantastic

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