Nicolas cage does a weak version of John Wick.

Cage plays a man with a violent past (like John wick) who gives it up for the woman he loves (Like John wick). The big difference is that the woman he loves is technically his daughter who he decides to go legit to make sure she has one parent. However, the mother of his child did die of cancer (Like John wick’s wife).

The film tries to go more extremely serious by having Paul McGuire’s daughter murdered instead of the dude’s dog (Only because dude does not have a dog). It’s our misfortune that nick cage can’t get down like Keenan reeves can. All Cage can do is act. The most choreographed  action cage did was in face off (oh, but I should give Con Air honorable mention).

The action sequence are not met to be stylistic and dance like. This movie is about an Irish gangster. It’s met to be gritty and raw, despite what it’s met to be it’s action is still unimpressive. Someone should have told Cage that he did not need to try that hard.

What the movie does have ( that John Wick did not need) was a pretty interesting murder mystery, when an ex criminal shakes up the underworld to find who killed the only thing that matters, The who done it ends with a twist that’s satisfying and dramatic.

These days what is a really good Nickolas Cage movie. I guess this counts.

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