The 5th Element

The 5th element

Always like how Tiny Lister stood out as the prez.
Gary Oldman is a cartoon like villain in a very cartoonish movie yet it works. Far better than Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets which did the same thing but somehow was not charming how is that? it’s funny how one can do some much planning based on the data and yet still produce a bomb.
Maybe it was Bruce Willis. Maybe it’s true that a film of Valerian’s caliber needed a big star? Weill I would have said yes back in 1997 but in this age I’ve seen plenty of movies like Valerian make stars.
However, some truth to that asDane DeHaan was no Bruce Willis at all. He just did not get me there, and it was too obvious the reason for Cara Delevingne . Unlike Mila Jovovich  who had personality as well as beauty (you can also say this was the start of her action hero quest. Quite impressive considering she was speaking a language no one on earth could understand for half the picture.
One of the things both movies have is diversity. You can’t beat that very multi racial multi ethnic theme  to go with the whole alien theme.
but 5th element is a classic as I See it.

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