The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It(2021)

Loved it, but making a Conjuring Universe took the scares’ out of this.

Not the end of the world that I was not scared watching a horror movie. If you are the type to watch a lot you do get to the point where it may take a little more to frighten you, but I was surprised that I got no jump out of my seat moments, nothing gave me the willies or the chills. The best they gave me was suspense.


What I did get was a lot of oh snap moments. An oh snap moment when Annabelle was referenced. An oh snap moment as you see the Warren’s children older and getting into the game. An oh snap moment where Lorraine Warren uses her powers for a more light hearted moment and an oh snap moment when the Warrens meet a Kinard spirit.


These are the things that make up a film franchise universe, something that I feel the movie celebrates more than anything else. We are here to see the Warrens battle evil more than we are here to see the evil they battle, and I’m all for it. If Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga were 30 years younger and we put Wilson in some ruby red shades, they could be Cyclops and Jean Grey from the superhero franchise, X-Men.


I was not expecting the change in direction the Conjuring took cause it’s not a horror movie, it’s more of a Crime Drama with horror elements as the Warrens attempt to get a lighter sentence for young man who murdered some people by proving…The Devil Made him do it (that’s why they picked that subtitle).


Despite the change in genre, I’m still feeling this movie. I loved this installment in the Conjuring universe and would love to see another (I wonder how many times they can see it was based on actual events)