Like drinking too many cans of Saw making you sick, then drinking it again after years and realizing Saw tasted ok, but just ok.

It’s not a bad film it’s quite enjoyable all the way through. I was geared to see what would happen when you have a fairly big name like Chris rock as the lead. This is one of Chris Rock’s finest performances as a leading man. Not saying much because I keep going back to that rap movie, he made in the 90s CB4. Rock is not an actor of such a caliber to hold down a movie really, but lucky for him he made spiral interesting just by playing Chris Rock as a cop. Rock was funny, that was the easy part, the hard part was the drama of being a cop who’s the pin point of a Jigsaw copycat, but he pulls it off.

The movie itself seems more like a juggle between Horror and police Drama, acting as the spinoff of Saw and not of Sequel (hence the sub title). While the Saw movies seemed more focus on Jigsaw tormenting his victims, with Rock as the police we are more focus on the investigation. We really don’t get in depth with what Spiral is doing outside the superficial corrupt police system concept.

The murders had potential to be truly brutal, but the focus on police drama over slasher horror prevented that and the police drama did not do much to make up for that lack.

It’s not perfect but still I did love Chris Rock in it plus Sam L. Jackson is backing him up as his retired cop father. It did not wow me, but I enjoyed what I saw.

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