Wrath of Man (2021)

This was it! This was it!

I’m not even that up on Guy Richie but this is, hands down my favorite Guy Richie film. It’s so good, that I can’t even remember what other films Jason Statham was in. It’s so amazing.

It does not seem like a Guy Richie film. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate, cause this movie had so much style and Richie is about that, but the dark tone that makes up this crime drama seemed out of the ordinary for a man whose movies tend to have a sense of humor and adventure. This is not that, this movie is pure revenge.

Statham plays a mysterious man who gets a job at a security company that specializes in armor trucks, a cold harded man on a mission and the fun of this movie is watching that mission unravel in the coolest way possible.

It was gritty and the ensemble cast which features Josh Hartnett and Scott Eastwood  was absolutely fantastic. It moves dramatically slow, but the energy is keeps it moving and its exciting.

So far my favorite movie of 2021