Amazing Spider-Man 2

Good, but just good

Like Spider-Man 3 better.

Thought Electro’s origin was campy, which would not have been bad if this was Spider-Man 2 back in 2004, but times have change snice then. Jamie Fox did a great job with the material, but the material felt out dated for this era.

Which is funny considering how they made small changes in Spider-Man’s origin to give him a Dark Knight feel and create a universe that would not happen. Not a bad idea but it does contradict what they were doing with one of the Villains.

Very comic book like in story, as a comic book fan I did enjoy how accurate to the comic book the film is, truly taking the time to showcase one of the darkest stories in Spider-Man’s history, but as a movie fan the movie was not good enough to take on that Return of the King like never ending quadruple ending. Although, I did enjoy the Rhino’s part in that ending.

Andrew Garfield got better at Spider-Man in a movie only slightly better than its original.