Godzilla vs. Kong

This movie has the worse plot set up out of what I believe they are calling the Monsterverse ( I could be wrong about that), but realistically, we don’t watch these flicks for the human story filmmakers think we need to keep us intrigued.

We came here to watch Kong, whose the biggest he’s ever been, battle Godzilla, in a match up the internet memes say is one sided because Godzilla is a walking nuclear power plant, but Kong does have the speed and agility. If your a Kaiju geek you’ll be treating this event like the Mike Tyson Roy Jones Jr. Fight.

The movie is more focus on the story of Kong, which is fair sense we got like 100 movies about Godzilla. The humans are trying to find him a new home and do it without Godzilla noticing they are moving him in order to prevent the epic battle predicted in both Kong Skull Island and Godzilla King of Monsters, but of course nobody is watching this movie to see an epic battle not happen.

The best part of the movie is that it hits the fan fast and does not make you wait too long for what we came to the party for, but those parts without the party were not impressive. Concentrating on Godzilla and King Kong battling made the two human stories weak, the weakest they’ve been in the whole franchise.

On the Godzilla side is a direct sequel to King of Monsters with Millie Bobbi Brown and Kyle Chandler reprising their roles and on the Kong side is a new story featuring new characters. Though technically all the movies in this franchise have an ensemble cast of characters each with their own stories, this cast was not overall interesting enough for me not to be like “Bring on the monsters”, but I did like Bryan Tyree Henry as a conspiracy theorist who helps uncover the best part of the flick.

Overall, it’s worth checking out to see whose the true King of Monsters.

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