Who would have ever thought Bob Odenkirk could be an action hero? In the guise of Beverly Hills cop Odenkirk changes the game in Nobody, where he plays your average middle Age Man with the average family until he goes all John Wick on us with the most basic plot device that somehow gets a Russian mob boss seeking to take him out

Nobody takes the raw basics and proves that’s all you need to make a decent action movie. Hell you don’t even need an action star. Odenkirk has always looked like he keeps himself in shape, most likely does the same amount of jogging his character does, but what was perfect was how unperfect the character was. Nobody was a solider who had not been in the game in a while and it shows but it was that realism that made the action sequences so great.

Also shout out to Christopher Lloyd and the Rza. Both actors seem to be experts and mixing action and comedy. They were so much fun to watch. Also a shout out to Connie Nielsen who was so pleasant to look at in this movie.

Nobody takes what you think you know about the action genre and tosses a pebble named Bob Odenkirk into the pool and made it work to perfection.

This was it ya’ll! Welcome back to the movies!!

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