Zack Snyder’s Justice League(2021)

I’ve already written a review of 2017’s Justice League so I’ll try not to repeat myself by bullet pointing what I think.

Avengers: End Game convinced me that movies should be three and a half hours long. Justice League the Snyder cut did not convince me that a movie should be four hours long. As a flick, it was overblown and overstuffed. Snyder takes the slow part of the movie that explains their backgrounds and extended them, which would be fine but none of them are that interesting (Except for the Flash).

Give it to Snyder, the movie is visually stunning. Makes me wish I could watch it on an IMAX screen instead of my screen at home which cuts off the sides. What I liked about the Snyder cut is that he took the time to visually tell a story and it looks better than the original.

Oh, and this movie needed more big bad and we got more big bad. Darkseid made just enough of an impression to up this cut of the movie.

I’ll say this, I know Joss Whedon is not favored right now , but I noticed everything I liked about the original cut seemed to be cut right out of the Snyder cut. A little amusing for me overall, but Joss had these moments in the film that made the godly DC superheroes more human . Just little one liners of humor that I felt this movie missed.

While Wonder Woman seemed to be a focus of the original, most likely because her movie just dropped and was box office gold, the Snyder cut felt more even, with the exception of the Cyborg, whose story felt more key to the plot in this cut. Makes sense not just because of his origin but because if the Justice League was a success there is still a 50/50 spilt that he would have gotten a solo movie. We are still waiting for Flashpoint and I have no doubt we would have to wait longer for the Cyborg movie.

Speaking off The Flash, still my fav out of all the heroes in the movie. Ezra Miller’s stellar performance just holds up in both of the movies. Aquaman and Batman lost some thunder for me and like I said Cyborg got to shine, but no change in Baron Allen from the last cut to this one, which is good cause it was always good.

Overall the question is weather was it worth it to even do a Snyder cut? I have to say, thinking about it as a eight episode streaming series rather than a four hour movie works way better for me. As strange as it was having those title cards that divided the parts like it was a comic book, it only helped me enjoy the binge watching experience.(plus that Epilogue was a fanboy sweet spot).  At least I knew the best time to get up for a pee break.

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