Superman II

Superman II does not really follow the guise of others squeals I  the idea that it’s not a very dark film. in my opinion is not as magical or as romantic and beautiful as the original. I guess te story is a little grim. Spoiler, Superman has the opportunity to live an average life with the woman he loves but mist give it up to stop three other surviving Kryptoans from world domination.  The format is a little boring now that i look at it from the mind of an adult.

I will say this, I’ve said that Amy Adams played my favorite Lois Lane because she proved to be the world’s best reporter but not letting her feelings for superman cloud what right in front of her, but  watching Superman II I realize the Margot Kidder was not that dumb. She knew what was right in front of her, and in this particular movie she went through a phase to find the truth (Now that I think about in Superman IV she also showed signs of knowing who Superman really is but only hinted act it when the Man of Steel needed a pep talk).

Superman is two odd movies crushed into one: one is a love story in which Clark expressed to Lois his love of her and ponders weather he needs to make the choice between being with her as just a man or not staying Superman at the world’s expense (not much of a spoiler but keep in mind that Superman Ii takes place in an era where it’s definite that Clark Kent is actually the disguise not Superman).

The other movie is an alien invasion story as General Zod and his Minions escape the Phantom Zone and end up on Earth where they basically explore their new powers and the planet, exploring the planet as if though Zod did not already make up his mind to rule it. Every time I see Terrance Stamp’s  Zod i can only think about that Moment in Man of Steel when Michael Shannon’s Zod showed Superman he figured out the powers by floating  (awesome!).

It’s a movie that’s doing a lot of nothing, yet these special effects of the Kryponians doing their thing are top notch. I still believe a man can fly as I’m still impress watching them and fully convinced,

I think whatever issues I have with this movie tends from an overall issue in the overall production. They’re somethings that did not age well but that has more to do with how much the Superhero genre has changed in the now 40 years (Wow!) snice this movie came out. Hell, most of the public does not even like heroes like Superman which only makes the dialog in this joint cornier than usual.

However, I think the issue is the rumored production problems Superman II had. the sequel was to come out a year after the original as the two moves were shot back to back, but a lot of legal and artistic issues happened after the original was released that met certain things needed to be cut out and other things needed to be reshot. I don’t remember all the details off hand but while watching Superman II I realized that Superman’s Krypton mother was doing all the talking which would not be a big deal if not for the fact that one of the era’s most iconic actors Marlon Brando played Superman’s dad in the original movie. if both movies were shot back to back I can assume there was some legal and artistic issues between the filmmakers and Brando that prevented them from using footage he already shot (footage that cost them about ten million dollars).

Well no sense crying over spilled milk, and things the movie can’t help due to time. Superman II looses some of the magic that Superman had but it’s a sequel that’s not a surprise.

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