After the fact, I herd how people thought Gremlins was a violent movie. As an adult I see what they are talking about but as a boy who grew up in the 80s I was only thinking how cool the violence is and not about how it was warping my mind.

Gremlins is a strange movie in which Dick Miller plays Murray Futterman, a War world two vet who predicted that the Japanese used a Chinese magical creature who thinks it’s cute and cuddly but turns out to be a sleeper agent designed to sneak the ultimate weapon behind enemy lines and destroy them with Chaos. Does that not sound like the plot of the movie? You sure? watch the movie and tell me differently.

I mean, I get the bright light thing, but what kinda creature can you not get wet? What being in nature can be regulated to man’s construct of time so much that you can’t feed it after midnight? I tell what kind. At some point in history China had a nuclear bomb called a Mogwai and unlike the United States realized how fucked up it would be to deploy it and chose not to (I hope the old man took a belt to the his grandson’s behind for going behind his back and selling Gizmo to that old White man)

Don’t be fooled by Gizmo either he was born to be a pure product of evil. Ever snice I saw Gremlins as a little kid I always wonder what monster Gizmo itself would become. Would not be surprised if it was far worse than what the gremlins already are.

Then there’s that story that Kate told Billy about how her dad died trying to be Santa for Christmas. For me that was the nail in the coffin that this movie is not for children. No wonder they had to invent a PG-13 rating for the film (As well as Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom which I feel gets a bad rap cause Indi can be enjoyed by children but should not be for children.(as much as I love short round).

The thing about the 80s is there were a lot of movies that seemed OK for children to go see but were totally not (I mean Everything about Robocop screams for children except for the movie), but somehow Gremlins was the fat lady singing that changed how we rate movies. Maybe that was the enemy’s plan all along?


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