American Skin

That’s what you call powerful!

Fair warning, This movie was saying a lot. I was was not expecting this to move me the way it did. Just a Range of Rage of emotions going on. American Skin is all about Justice but it is a wet dream of justice I wish were true cause Justice like this does not happens

Nothing like this should happen at all. I don’t know when they started making this movie but I need to make the assumption that filming at least ended sometime before the pandemic meaning this is not in response to Brianna Taylor or George Floyd. Even if it was filmed in the pandemic, the inspiration goes back even further than even Trayvon Martin. The list of inspiration is in fact too long, so long it makes it all feel so random and common. That’s bad.

American skin has a powerful message to it that can’t be ignored. It just fully engages the power of Cinema as a tool for social commentary.

So relevant, too relevant!