Backdraft 2


Don’t want to say I hated it. It was more stupid than me hating it.

I thought it was cool that it was a more direct sequel than I imagined. I could tell by the box cover Kurt Russell and Robert DiNiro was not gonna be in the flick. They did nail down Billy Baldwin (who realistically was not doing anything right? when was the last time I saw this Alec look-a-like in anything?) and Donald Sutherland to reprise their roles, and sense Billy was the star of the original him being in this movie makes it an official sequel even if his part is minimal.

The movie is about Sean McCaffrey, His uncle Brian (played by Billy Baldwin) is a high ranking fire officer. He’s also the son of  Stephen McCaffrey (played by Kurt Russell in the 1st movie), who was a fireman but Sean is taking the job his uncle had in the original movie.

What was it about this Sean McCaffrey? I really did not like him. He was an asshole just like his father but his father had the honor of being portrayed by Snake Plissken, so no matter what a douche he kept becoming, he was still charming. All I see in Sean is ass hole.

It was a good effort to attempt to show how arson investigation worked but I don’t know it got boring too soon in the movie. It was suppose to be cool how arsonist seem to work like serial killers or something I think, but overall, no body in this movie really caught me to the point of intrigue.

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