One Night In Bangkok

I like it! not what I was expecting at all but not bad.

I mean you got b-movie action hero Marc Dacascos on the movie poster with those Nicolas Cage like eyes I’m figuring the amount of Bat shit crazy happening here was going to be at eleven, but One Night In Bangkok which sounds more like a great porn than action movie, had a bark worse than its bite as it’s mostly a a heartfilled drama about revenge with a small amount of ass kicking.

I spent most of the movie waiting for some high kicks or slick gun play but mostly got two people in a car chilling. Once I got over the overall shock of that I could see this was not bad at all. As it turns out Marc Dacascos is charming enough to hold down a movie without all that marshal arts mayhem to get in the way. If you like him doing kicks you’ll like him without them,

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