Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Not exactly the sequel to Justice League Dark I was expecting but it lives up to the tile Dark, even more so than its original. Nothing I like better than a story about a possible post apocalyptical future because everyone uses it as a scapegoat’s to go even darker. You get to see heroes that never die get murdered as horrifyingly as possible because we know in the end this is an alternative timeline. They did the same thing in Justice League Flashpoint but Apokolips truly up the scale of that savageness.

Kind of amazing how great the animation is to really highlight the darkness and the death.

For me this movie is coming out of nowhere. Justice League Dark is based on the comic book which I’ve read but I never herd of this Apokolips War saga, Seems like an interesting story that I want to find the original source for.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War was one of the best movies the DCAU had to offer. truly loved it!

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