Maximum Conviction

Steven Seagal and Steve Austin in the same movie. figure that was worth a look. figure that’s all it’s worth.

On one side: Not enough Steven Seagal. On the other side: Not enough Steve Austin, bringing both sides together, not enough of Austin and Seagal sharing screen time. It was just enough for us to know that they are both prison security delivering a most wanted woman (An Asian woman, which I hear is Segal’s favorite). A super team is put together to break this woman out but the super team does not realize who they are fucking with.

Steve Austin brilliantly leads a team of special ops  player to stop the team trying to extract the poisoner, while Seagal being a though guy and all, works alone to do pretty much the same thing. In fairness, Seagal is watchable in this movie. He gives a minimal performance but its everything we want to see him do.

Its a formula done a million times (Considering the director is Keoni Waxman who does possible one movie with Seagal  a year), but it works. would work better if Steve and Steven were not battling over Screen time and just worked together.

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