Finally watched it!

Visually, it’s cinematic greatness. No doubt that Christopher Nolan knows how to use a camera. I love that about him. His ability to fill a screen and make a movie perfectly loud does give me the feeling that I missed something not seeing this one in the theaters.

Dunkirk gave me the same feeling, but I did not like Dunkirk that much. A lot like this movie Nolan seems to be getting far too into himself. Going down that same road of believing in the hype like  M. Night Shyamalan did with Lady in the Water (cause I actually like Signs), but at least he’s no Michael Bay, right? I actually like Bay for the same reason I like Nolan, they both know how to move the camera in the way that makes the movie.

Also, like Bay, Nolan’s stories are lame. Well, let me be fair, Bay’s stories are lame Nolan’s stories are confusing. It’s strange how a man who can paint a great motion picture would tell a verbal story that we need to concentrate on so hard. I have no idea what this movie is about. Memento I got, Interstellar I got, inspection I got. Time travel is too much of a puzzle. I probably will have to watch it a few times to get what’s happening, but realistically nothing about what they are doing captured me the first time to do another two and half hours just to get it. It did not feel like two and a half hours the one go around, in fact it was a breeze but I can’t say the same for the next sitting (oddly enough, the end credits did not even seem like they were ten mins long)

What I did connect with was the relationship with all the actors. John David Washington with Robert Patterson (the new Batman with the Dark Knight’s old director).  John David Washington with Elizabeth Debicki or maybe I was just into John David Washington. No surprise to anyone that he’s got leading man chops. Also loved Kenneth Branagh in it.

A lot of cool action scenes with a time travel theme all over them and layered with an awesome film score, but I’m not going to pretend that the story made any sort of scenes in order to sound smart and artistic. A good story and a smart story should be able to be told by anyone and everyone get it, but i lost interest in it earl. Sorry Nolan liked the movie a lot, didn’t love it.

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