Wonder Woman 1984

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Like the first one I’m a bit indifferent about what I’m seeing but this movie does not have the stigma of the fact that I’ve been waiting so very long for a Wonder Woman movie. I already got that. I do love the fact that this movie is movie is stepping further away from the darkness that began the DC Extended Universe. I loved Man of Steel but I felt it was being too much like the Dark Knight which is not the persona of all the DC superheroes. What is a concept of all the DC superheroes is that they are big and epic. Wonder Woman without a doubt is saving the world in this one, that’s the purpose giving it all to save the world and I felt that from this movie, something that I do not feel in other movies like this necessary.

Like a good sequel everything is a little better. Both Patty Jinkins and Gal Godat seem more comfortable making this flick. the actions scenes are better I like how Wonder Woman fights in this one. Way better than the last one. At the same time its far more sappier than the last film. Wonder Woman’s moral campus ands purpose as a hero is never overshadowed by superficial bells and whistles. Not sure how I really feel about that cause I love how Captain America’s  moral code can be found at the end of his right hook. Not to through shade on how in WW84 Diana takes a defensive strategy, never using her powers in violence no matter how violent the enemy is and only uses her power to stop the enemy with not intensions of destroying. How very Bruce Lee in the philosophy if not the movement.

Kristin Wiig as Cheetah was perfect. I first felt like they were trying to mimic something that the old Batman movies did with the bad guys. Her origin resonated with that of Catwoman in Batman Returns with the fun and playful persona of Jamie Foxx’s Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2.  Plus, I feel like I’ve been waiting all my life to watch Wonder Woman go up ageist Cheetah in a movie and WW84 brings it!

Like both of those superhero movies, Wonder Woman 1984 boost more than one baddie and after finishing the second season of the Mandalorian I could not wait to see its star Pedro Pascal in anything. Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge on Wonder Woman, but I do feel they got to be careful not to run out of Rogues for her to face. Pedro’s Max Lord felt like Thanos in human skin and it works well.

I will say I did not think the movie was 80s enough for a movie with 1984 in its title. Though those moments with Steve Trevor as a man out of time are funny I’m very surprise how subtle they kept the whole thing, or rather when it comes to paying homage or using it for humor. I think they had the political atmosphere of 1984 covered.

If you liked Wonder Woman than WW84 is something to check out. It’s…Wonderful!!



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