It was just OK, not impressive at all, not going to blow your mind or anything like that.

Even with the well know cast of Anthony Hopkins Jeffery Dean Morgan Abbie Cornish and Colin Farrell will not give this movie the splash it needs to be noticeable.

And wow! Shannon Lawrence has the smallest role possible in this film and it was so unnoticeable. Maybe I’m the only one who cares that in the 90s she was somebody on TV, at least enough of a somebody to do more than a cameo (then again, the 90s was two decades ago).

It’s a pretty good crime drama about the FBI using a psychic to help them find a serial killer who also has the power, but despite the good story and the crazy talent it just does not click as it should.

It’s not as exciting as it should have been, but it won’t bore you to death. Actually, during the end I did feel my life signs slipping so be careful

Dull and unremarkable.
Very unremarkable. Something to see if you have nothing else.

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