Not fully sure how I feel about this.

Glad I waited for the rental price on my Amazon Prime Video to go down a little.

Russell Crowe was technically good in the movie (As he is a fine actor), but I’m not sure how I feel about the character. Maybe if I was a driver I would understand more but I truly saw no purpose in Crowe’s Road Rage. If they were going for pure evil I get that, but I felt that when it comes to road rage the person raging should be overreacting a just point. I don’t feel that.

It does not help that Russell Crowe is such a big name and he’s playing the antagonist, an antagonist that is not only unlikable but someone I truly can’t relate too. He had to be on the poster so that messes up the perspective for me.

The action sequences are pretty good. The actual acts of road rage that happen on the screen are well done.

In the end I found it to be a great movie to watch despite actually point it was trying to make escaping me.

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