Leprechaun: orgins

It’s the reboot of the original film franchise. Very different than what came before it tries hard not to be funny or campy and is a straight up horror movie, which makes complete sense for the time period it came out in.  2014 is a darker era for horror movies than when Warwick Davis helmed the mythical creature.

I actually thought the movie was pretty good but you do have to forget what came before it cause it’s a hard reboot of the film franchise.

Particularly if you were into how Warwick Davis played the part this is going to disappoint as they decided that the slasher needed more of a…Killer personality. In fact this creature is a savage animal out for blood. Leprechaun origins concept is that what you think a Leprechaun is only shadows it’s true form.

Far better than what I was expecting I give it that.

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