The 6th Day

It feels so much like an updated version of Total Recall. The 6th Day seems to be all about the broader between Science fact and Science fiction and that’s were we seem to be  in  the decade difference between both movies.

I would love to see a non action blockbuster  about the near future, but a movie like that would need the almost 90 million dollars  this movie had in order to show the technology.  The 6th day starts out as a movie about what we were capable of doing in the year 2000, if not fully accessible to everyone  because it’s not coast effective, someone had a refrigerator that could order milk online, a mirror that can double as a TV, a self driving car and a virtual girlfriend (Definitely that last thing).

Of course these are all add bits to make it look like the future while the main plot is about cloning. A hot topic in the turning of the century because we just did it with a sheep. Another way this movie is similar to Total Recall as the design of that movie is based on the fact that we sent a probe to mars and confirmed no life was on the planet back in 1965, which changed the demographic of Science fiction  from stories like John Carter of Mars, which consist of  Mars having aliens life to We Can Remember it for you Wholesale (the Philip K. Dick story Total Recall is based on), that was about Earth colonizing Mars.

Maybe, Paul Verhoeven  should have directed this movie, instead of getting someone else to copy Total Recall. It’s one thing that both movies are sharing certain plot elements but scene per scene we had way too many similarities.

For what it is, I actually like the 6th Day. Maybe it is because I’m a fan of Total Recall  and enjoy how this movie rips it off. Then again, it could be those rip  off elements that prevent The 6th Day from being one of Schwarzenegger’s best.

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