A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s revenge.

So now Freddy’s  starting to develop  a little bit  more. I get it, they have a little bit more money so lets do some shit.

Freddy is different from other slashers of his period like Jason and Michael Myers  as he does not do his killing  on an earthly realm. This sequel starts to see  the series get more visually friendly with my man Fred  because he’s better than just chasing girls all over the house. He gets into their head better than anyone.

Still a little weak, Ironically because  Fred is still the antagonist of this movie. We are not yet rooting for him to kill as many of these little  Elm street kids as possible so he feels no reason too. I know I sound like a blood thirst savage , but I am, That’s why I lean towards Jason who once he gets started picks up the momentum. Freddy is a bully that likes to play with his food. Jason is actually a victim killing all those who wrong him and that’s lot of people (in his book).

You know what’s very interesting looking at this shit now? the credits say, special guest appearance by Clu Gulager and I’m all like whose that? then as I watched I realize, oh shit! that’s the dude from Return of the Living Dead! I would have noticed that before that that’s the dude from one of my favorite all time films.

AS far as I am concern these movies are getting better. Not sure where I would put this one  but as far as who Freddy is it’s better than the first as we learn more about him and he seems to learn more about what he can do.


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