Now the weirdest thing about Unstoppable is that it feels like a strange sequel to Tony Scott’s 2009 film the Taking and Pelham 123 

Denzel once again is playing the everyday man who works as a civil servant  doing something with trains, in this case he’s driving them with the help of Chris Pine. The two of them have to buddy cop together in order to stop a train that has gone out of control.

Once again, twice in a row  Tony makes an action movie that’s not your typical action movie but it’s all about where  Scott is putting the camera (with a little help  from editing).

Rosario Dawson is actually in the movie technically playing a woman who does the same job Denzel did in the Taking of Pelhem 123.

No antagonist just Pine getting the pleasure to work side-by-side with Denzel in what turned out to ne the last movie Tony Scott will ever make (the forth one Scott has made with Washingotn)

A little sad , this movie is not the highest note but  I guess it good hat it’s not a low note for his swan song.

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