The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009)

Tony Scott is a genius man. Just like his big brother. The world lost an legend behind the camera  when he died backed in 2012.

A great action movie, Tony just knew how to movie the camera and with a little editing make the most mundane task look existing.

Case in point, Denzel Washington plays Walter Gerber (and trying to looks as sexy as Walter Mattheau when he did the role in the first adaption of the novel). Walter  does dispatch for the MTA, and the jobs looks exciting  and suspenseful  in the hands of a Scott.

This is even before hostages lead by John Travolta take a train heading for Pelham bay and request 10 million or he will kill them all.

Not a typical action film as their is not a lot of speed but it does movie kinetically through so it never feels slow at all.

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