The last man on Earth

My man, big Vinnie Price, rolling the dice to see if he can make you scream not once but twice. Horror’s old guardsmen stars in a new style of terror (for the time period).

One of three motion pictures based on the book I am Legend about that last man to survive the apocalypse  and faces a world of vampires alone. Wonder why this movie doed not have the books title? Maybe as a way of not paying the dude who wrote it?

Always felt vampire like creatures does not lend itself to this kind of story as well as Zombies do, but the Z boys were not as popular when the book came out.  Then again, the premise that they can only come out at night is one of the tools Prices uses to create fear in this film. Also need to give credit to the music for adding to the scare.

Ether way, a decent film.

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