Panic at Year Zero!

I was not expecting this movie to have such a serious tone to it, or maybe it’s not the serious tone but rather that the unintentional camp takes nothing away from this 1950s film, even by today’s standards.  the movie feeds on the 1950s era real fear of nuclear war and crafts it to make a horror movie that does not need gore and violence to enable fright. It’s very impressive to have that turned down to zero and still come up with an amazing product like this. I’m so use to needing it though.

So much of the movie is about a suggested horror, it’s a lot like the recent ghost stories coming out thanks to Paranormal Activity . Really works well.

Through technicality, it is a zombie films without any Zombies, spilling out the same type of social commentary you would get with that style of picture. Very brilliantly done!

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