I herd of Lingerie Football league but I never herd of a Lingerie Football League. It possibly does not exist because technically the movie is a mockumentary about a woman who started the league recruiting a lot of lingerie football players to now kick and punch each other.

It’s a lot more talk than I was expecting. It has a reality show feel cause it’s a bunch of girls basically being catty with each other with small fights in-between. A few kicks, a few punching and some rolling on the ground, which seems cool, but really I needed either or. Did not feel they were sexy enough and if they can’t do that they could have at least been good fighters. Got neither in my book.

I know I sound sexist but to be fair the woman who created this LFC in the movie talks about how UFC women are ugly and nobody wants to see ugly women fight, but I rather see women focused on the fight go at the fight over women concerned about being pretty and not the fight. Watching women kick ass is beautiful.

Kinda of a cool concept but it’s bland in both being everything it’s trying to be.

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