Lethal Weapon

Classic action movie

I was actually a fan of  the Lethal Weapon series that recently came out (and ended). I thought Damon Wayans was perfect as Murtaugh and this dude Clayne Crawford told me something about Riggs that I knew  deep inside but really wanted a serialized police drama to explain to me, but what the show did most was made me appreciate the original movie even more.

I find it even more impressive that Danny Glover and Mel Gibson were such good actors with great chemistry that did do in one movie what Crawford and Wayans needed a season to pull off.

Most impressive how Lethal Weapon works as a police drama even more than it works as an action movie. It’s intense, but Riggs and Murtaugh are solving a crime and it’s done well. Better than you would expect from a movie that’s suppose to be an action film.

Shane Black wrote a pretty good script that even points out it’s own plot holes at time to keep the story going.

Gibson actually did so some depth in the character of Riggs  that I did not recall before (only thing Crawford’s got over Mel is the fact that he makes the character from Texas (which makes soo much sense).

Like other movies and TV shows at the time Lethal Weapon is wrapped around the Vietnam war and it’s aftermath with both lead characters being soldiers in the war.

As well as some of the bad guys including Mr. Joshua. played with perfect batshit craziness by Gary Busy.

Plus it does not get more 80s than the theme song at the end of the movie.

I have not seen this gemstone enough times over the years despite being the  first VHS tape I ever owned.


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