Lethal Weapon 2

More  lethal for me and you!

It’s funny, maybe I read this somewhere wrong where they said Lethal Weapon started the Buddy Cop movies, cause it seems more like 48 hours did that (meaning that comedian Eddie Murphy started two action film genres). Thanks to all the streaming subscriptions I got I noticed that there are a few films that count as a buddy cop movies that predate Lethal Weapon. One of my favorites is Running Scared, starring Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal, but what Lethal Weapon did was make a movie that’s more action than comedy and that was what makes it a stand out among the best (That and it made so much money that it needed a sequel).

Interesting sidestep to Lethal Weapon is what a good police drama it is. Lethal Weapon was a good plot about cops following a lead to solve a case and so is Lethal Weapon 2 as they dot the Is and cross the Ts to stop some South Africans using diplomatic immunity to smuggle drugs. Although, if you compare the two, Lethal Weapon 2 was is more of an action movie, just how a sequel should be. It totally begins  with an action sequence.

Also, like a sequel, it has a dark side to it when Riggs suicidal trigger  from the original movie goes off  when he discovers how the bad guys are connected to his past which forces him and Murtaugh to go rogue.

Despite that dark side, number 2 is actually funnier than the first. it’s actually a strange balance of darkness and humor, and who better to do that balance than Joe Pesci (He did it with greatest in Goodfellas but for his role as Leo Getts he’s more funny than dark).

And is that Dean Norris from Breaking Bad in the film! Man, he don’t look that much younger than the 20 or so year gap between this movie and that show.

I herd that Lethal Weapon 2 was going to end differently with Mel Gibson set up to die at the end (Hey, that’s kinda what happen in Lethal Weapon the series (although it was not fully planed). Well I’m glad it did not cause to me  all four movies in the franchise are worth watching over and over again.


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