Girl House

Starts off with a very interesting and motivating quote from Ted Bundy about what porn did to him. It almost sore me off from porno causer the words coming from Bundy were strong.
A From Dusk Till Dawn type of situation somewhat as the movie starts off one way and ends as something else.
It was a simple movie about a college student going over a ruff pacth and needs money so she decides to move into a house that’s wired to broadcast x-rated content over the internet. It was like an X-Rated The Real World as it gives you a narration of what it’s like to be one of these girls in this world of internet porn.
Then the movie takes a turn. Technically it’s not a big turn that one of these girls encounters a guy online who takes a real liken to her to the point of obsession. Hell is not even that out of reach that his obsession cause him to start stalking her off the web (Got to be careful when you deal with stalkers with all sorts of computer skills)
Man, and I think I actually herd stories of dudes who would go on this murdering rampage to kill a bunch of girls in a house. Of course the way that this guy does it turned the movie from a Erotic drama to a Slasher Horror film.

The slasher was a Ted Bundy type. The type of guy, as you would see watching the movie who was not a hit with the ladies to the point where they ridiculed him for it. His whole persona could have been ridiculed if it was not for the reference to Ted Bundy at the beginning of the film. Almost makes you wonder what would have happen if Bundy was doing his thing during the days of the internet.

The balance of violence is pretty real. Down to Earth enough to convince me that this totally could happen

The overall Slasher bit makes it a pretty good film, which is great because the erotic drama was not as good. Cause for a movie that half about the X-Rated web…Let’s just say I wanted more.

It feels like a sexier version of Unfriended: Dark web. It’s trying it’s best not to be stupid and I think it’s pulling it off well. At the same time, a nice homage to the old school slasher days like Halloween or Friday the 13th

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