A Corey Feldman film? Starring the two Coreys? And Todd Bridges is in it? Sounds like fun. Although the fact that Feldman did not mention it in his book, Coreyography, or maybe his did speak about it and I just glanced over it.

It’s that kind of silly soft-core porn b-movie you find in the 90s on cable channels like “Skinnmax”

The quality of this police quality makes Police Academy look really smart.

The Nude scenes happen pretty quickly (thank you Corey for the endulges)

What puzzles my mond is that he got Elliot Gould to be in it. My thought would be that he’s better than that (guess not). Maybe he owned Feldman a favor?

But all the nudity and “high profile” cameos do nothing to make this movie with wacthing


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