The Man of Tai Chi

I feel like I gave the movie a bad rap from the first time I saw it.

Maybe I was just disappointed the 1st time when I realized Keanu Reeves starring role was not as big as I thought. Reeves plays the Antagonist, a warped businessman straight out of a fighting game who sets up a series of street fights, in this case he is focusing on corrupt the kung fu and the mind of a young student of Tai Chi, played by Tiger Chen.

As I understand it, Reeves did this movie more so as a favor to his marshal arts teacher who happens to be Tiger Chen. Reeves thought it would be cool to introduce Chen to the world and Reeves was right to do so.

Chen was stunning in the role as a young innocent boy who can kick some major ass.

Thank you Keanu for using your Star power to put us on to Tiger Chen.