Ilegal Tender

I remember when this movie came out, the trailer was good at keeping me interested in wanting to see it but it did not seem like the best movie. John Singleton’s name attached to the movie really helped too.

It’s not a bad crime story but not as good as what Craig Breuer did with Hustle and Flow, the other film John Singleton put his name on as a producer around the same time.

Hey look Leo from the Fast & Furious is in this.

Kind of curious how the Latinx community feel about this flick, is it a cult classic like New Jack City or South Central? The type of movie that if I went into someone’s Home in Washington Heights would this be sandwicthed inbetween a copy of Selenna and a John Leguizamo comedy speical?

The trailer got me in to the movie, but the movie is so much more than the trailer really (not much much more just enough more to act slightly as a disservice to the movie). There is a hidden layer of family values that I really like about this film. Good.

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