Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

Off the bat, episode II has gotten my attention. Phantom Menace was a story I could not seek me teeth into but suddenly Attack of the Clones seems to have gotten somewhere of interest of me.

It’s so funny how Bubba Fett was such a small part of the 1st trilogy yet he made such an impact that his origin story can carry a movie for me. The entire story of the clone army was interesting and well done as far as I’m concern.

Too bad the  movie was also about a older young Anakin Skywalker. People are right, he’s a Winnie mess. It makes sense that an whimpy man-child can become the most evil man in the galaxy (Real life has actually show us this many times). I’m sure it was met to be somewhat dark but that’s not how it comes off. I can’t help but to giggle when he pouts about being treated like a child by Obi-won and how he’s so much better.

What’s interesting is, unlike Phantom Menace I’ve seen Attack of the clones many of times. What is it about the second movie in a Star War Trilogy? I’ve seen Empire strikes back 100 times in comparison to the ten times I’ve seen Star Wars. Unlike Empire Strikes Back, Attack of the Clones is not that good. Like Phantom Menace it’s just moving too slow to keep interest in characters that I have  no interest in. Ewan McGregor as Obi-won was interesting to watch, which is one of the reasons the Attack of the Clones section of the movie works. Hayden Christensen the whimpy boy who would become Vader was not as interesting to watch. In fact he’s the opposite. Natalie Portman, I wish I could say…Something about her performance, Amidala for the majority of the movie acts as support for Anakin who is dead weight. She was a lot better supporting the child in Episode one.

Oh, and I love Jar Jar more in this movie than in the last one. He’s still very cringe worthy when I hear him speak, but I feel like Gorge Lucas is trying to say “I’m not racist” but using him, rather than just trying to cut his looses.

I did like how Dark this film was in visualization over episode one but that’s my personal preference. In a lot of it was the visual effects in episode one are far more impressive because they chose to be bright and colorful, and the master of Lucas arts when it came to visual effects met that they were not improving anything with the darker tone like some other movies due.

You know with this movie needs? More Samuel L. Jackson!

Then again, anything bad I can possibly say about this movie gets overshadowed by the ten minutes of watching Yoda get crazy with the light saber. Have we’ve been waiting 25 years for this moment? some would say so. I would say well worth it.

So I’ll say this in retrospect, this Trilogy seemed like a Lucas pet project he did for himself more than anything so he most likely did not care if you liked it and he did not need your money (cause he’s already been taking it from us for 25 years by this point) and with that said, it seems he started to develop his skills with espisode two being better than one.

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