Robocop 2

An amazing sequel, Robocop 2 is more comical and at the same time darker. All adding to it being more exciting

You can make an argument and it would be a successful one that Robocop is the better movie, but Robocop 2 successfully took what Robocop was doing and went in deeper with the story in every way.

The concept of the wounded soldier being brought back to continue his service was dramatic in Robocop. Then they darken the concept with having that soldier be a drug addict with Robocop 2

The story of Gentrification continues as OCP is played out to be more Villain like with their outright plan to create Delta City but exploiting corruption of Detroit’s government.

The original being the origin of how OCP gave the police it’s best weapon of course would only hit upon how having a private police squad would be problematic which is what they did in the sequel.

Having a 12 year old boy being a high-ranking member of a drug cartel only acted as a perfect symbol of how low Detroit has gotten.

As much as Robocop is a Science fiction movie about technology is as much a Sci-fi movie about social science and it was a good one at that.

As great as Peter Weller was in the first movie somehow he gives Robocop more range without doing much.

Yeah, I love Robocop but Robocop is only a percentage away from that love.

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