Tango & Cash

I loved Tango & Cash. The movie is catered towards me as a young kid when I saw it. At the point in the end Tango & Cash get their own vehicle, which looks like it could be sold to children as a toy. Maybe that’s why the movie did not do so well. Jack Palace plays the villain in the movie, and I do mean villain as he gathers all the drug dealers in LA (played by such bad guy favorites like James Wong who has mastered stereotyping Asian crime lords(as well as other types of Asian) to help him with his fiendish plot to not just kill Tango and Cash, the two cops costing him billions, but to slowly destroy them by ruining their reps and putting them in jail. Palace even wears a white suit that makes him look like the Kingpin if he lost weight.

It was an action movie for children, similar to what Vin Diesel did with XXX. they could have made a video game, an animated series, and  some action figures if they planned this out right. Not that the pairing of Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone wasn’t perfect but I’m sure it was not what the world wanted in the 90s. It’s a Stallone movie that would have made more money if they could have gotten Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson or the crème del la crème Arnold Schwarzenegger. Curious if that was at all the actual plan as that would be more ideal. Not that I don’t love Kurt Russell it’s just one of those other guys would have made this the ultimate action pairing. Even Jean Clude Van Damme would have made that a better reference.

Once again I love Tango and Cash, my comments had nothing to do with that love, but I do see a format met not just for two movie stars but two action stars to lead up. The constant one liners back and forth, shower scenes to show off the biceps.

Tango and Cash was overall a fan favorite fro me However. I can watched this over and over. Hey, this could have been an 80s action series like the A-team minis two or Knight Rider plus one.

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