King of the Kickboxers

Oh my God what is this crap!? Don’t think I ever seen something this purposely chessy. What were the filmmakers thinking?
This is a low point in the early career of Tae Bo Master, Billy Blanks who plays the most overaggerated villian ever.

Then again I’ll give him some credit for being a pretty decent cartoon villain. Give him more credit if it was a cartoon (or an episode of the Power Rangers). He’s like an overrated Jun Pao from Kickboxer, but he did have the best fight scene in the movie (It would be stupid if he didn’t)

It was like the filmmakers were fans of Kung fu flicks but could not figure out how to pay homage to it, or the difference between paying homage or making a parody. Their is a difference and if you can’t tell that can make for a shitty picture.
Possibly the only perk of the film is the few scenes that take place in New York, I am a sucker for films that have captured old school New York City before gentrification,
Not onr my cool list.


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