Death Wish 3

Paul Krissy comes back to New York (or that’s what it looks like when he arrives by bus, but something tells me this film was not primarily filmed in the big apple). He’s visiting a friend when this friend dies upon his arrival. It’s the first film in which Krissy is not going after the people who killed his family just the people who killed his friend (proving that Krissy is just looking for any excuse to go buck wild on some cats).

One police officer who remembers what Krissy did many years ago was not having it…At first, but the problem is that gang violence in the neighborhood has gone bonkers and this cop sees he’s got the wepaon needed to take out these kids

Alex winter of Bill and Ted fame is in the movie as a gang rapist, joining a who’s who cast of gang rapist that include Jeff Goldbloom in the first Deathwish and Lareence Fishbure in the second. Unlike those two, Winter does not seem as crazy and savage with his baby face.

Marina Sirtis, A bigger name than Alex Winter if you are into Star Trek: the next Generation (where she played Diana Troi). She’s not a rapist but unfortunately she plays a Latina (which she is not in real life. Displayed oddly on film by the fact that she never speaks when the camera is on her face. She only speaks Spanish when you can’t see her nonspeaking Spanish lips move), who gets raped.

This Death Wish movie started to fully dwell on the downside of being a vigilante. Everything bad that could have possibly happen, already happen to Krissy so he’s got nothing to loose but as the film goes on you see his actions are fucking over the people he’s protecting (and ultimately will bring him tragedy as well).

When I went into this movie I thought this would be the point that the franchise would become weak. Death Wish 2 was not as expected of a sequel as I thought, but Death Wish 3 is the stereotype sequel with the lost of substance replaced with more extremeness and action. Yet, with that said this movie was still really good. The Quality of what is here has not dimmed and it holds up pretty well. not as good as one and two but Charles Bronson’s old ass was still worth following.


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