White Tiger

You ever watched a movie and just know which character was a goner? Gary Daniels plays a cop seeking revenge for his partner’s death and if the Synopsis did not give this away everything leading up to it will. Gary D is a DEA agent who is so close to his partner that when he promised his wife a family vacation with her and their son, he took his partner along with him. When they get pulled away  for DEA business the partner starts going off about getting a desk job so he can be there with his family. Maybe if he had not said that out loud he still be alive.

Well know one watches an action movie for in-depth original plots. Gary D is a different marshal artist than let’s say Don “The Dragon” Wilson, so I’m here to see Gary D’s style explode on the scene. He’s a high kicker, similar to Jean Claude Van Damme but a little more straight forward.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa does his ultimate bad guy in this flick. I get it a top ten of his all time Bad guys. Just very selfish and self centered in his evil. You love watching him be that evil at the same time you can’t wait for him to get his.

White Tiger seemed like a  marshal arts flick about a white dude leaning marshal arts or something but its actually an indicator of he’s a white man trying to find his partner’s killer in the Chinese part of the city (Funny, none of the main Asian actors are actually Chinese but…).

White tiger was fun for it’s action sterotypes and their were a lot of them, but it’s not funny Ha Ha to the point of great amusement. The filmmakers were just unable to fill that KoolAid jar with enough sager, so it’s a lemon.