Futurekick feels like a stock title. Something they just stamped on not for creativity but because it fits the marketing motif.  It’s a sci-fi movie set in the future, and it stars Kickboxing sensation Don “The Dragon” Wilson.

The Dragon plays something called a Cyberon, somewhere between cyborg an android whose not like casue of some war he fought and makes his money as a mercenary, now hired by a recent Widow to help her find her husband’s killer.

The depth in this shit is nonexistent. though I’m not in it for substance, the movie does come across like it was trying to go there but just could not make it.

A cheap movie so there is not much to the future. All the rich folks live on the moon but you can’t tell from this film and they have a new game called laser ball in which you pass a ball with your mind and if you loose you can get your head blown off.

The marshal arts is too little (Although The Dragon does have a cool fight with Sean Penn’s brother Christopher)

Not the worse movie I ever saw but it’s not living up to my high Don “the Dragon” Wilson standards.

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