Death Wiash V: The Face of Death

Not sure if the title actually makes that much sense other than it sounds bad ass!

I thought we were only suppose to get three wishes?

Charles Bronsons is back!? This turns out will be his final turn in a Death Wish movie as well as his final movie ever ( I guess that Death wish came true).

It is interesting, with the aging Bronson going at it again. You’d think he stop, but in reality Death Wish is still a pretty kick ass action film franchise.

Not as good as the others, but if I take into consideration that Bronson is an old man making a Death Wish movie at a time when Action heroes were looking more like Keanu Reeves, it’s not a bad way to end the series.

Paul Kersey, who zig zags between New York and LA is back in New York (perfect to end the series snice he began here). Once again he tries to find love and peace by replacing his wife and child literally with a surrogate wife and child and just like with Death Wish IV when he finally is ready to buy the family he was renting, trouble occurs. At least neither Woman or child gets savagely gang raped like the other films (an odd sign that this movie will not be as good as the others). Instead she gets beaten and then murdered. A perfect way to get aging Paul Kersey (who literally is dating a chick who looks like she’d be the same age as his daughter if she lived past Death Wish II) to go on his vigilante spree (Not that he needs a reason but he loves the excuse of doing it for love and family)

I realize what an American dream Paul Kersey is (especially if you vote republican (sorry, it’s true). He’s an average joe who lives by the rules that guns are ok, it’s just the people behind those guys that are bad, and every thing he does is to protect his family. Ofcourse, I can see the loopholes in the these ideals (sorry, I vote democratic), but those loopholes are wrapped in the bad assness of Bronson who subtle tone when it comes to this shit only excites me more.

Going into the fifth Death Wish movie seemed like a waste of time, but it’s not. It’s constantly entertaining and extreme all around. Not as good as the others only because it does feel tired but that can’t be helped. Bronson isĀ  a man who can’t hang up the guns at the right time, but that’s ok. Like I said is till pretty good.