Extraction (2020)

The recent quarantine has me going berserk. I love going to the movies so much and I miss seeing stuff on the big screen, so when I see good stuff like Extraction, it makes me a little depress that I only have a 32 itch screen to watch this on.

I herd that Chris Hemsworth was actually tapped to star in an American adaption of the Indonesian film The Raid. I don’t know if that movie will ever happen but Extraction is a good alternative. Watching Thor brawl through an army on the streets of Mumbai is too exciting, and they do these single cut action sequences that make me feel like they are crossing 1917 with a John Wick film.

Produced by the Russo brothers who directed Hemsworth in Avengers: infinity War and Avengers End game, it feels like the Brothers are into solid action movies as they did one last year called 21 Bridges which also stared an Avenger, the Black Panther, Chadwick Bosman.

The plot does not cut deep enough, but this movie is all about the visual energy coming from it. That’s why it saddens me that I did not get to experience this in a dark theatre looking up at a huge screen, trying to stuff my face with popcorn and soda without take my eyes off the action.

The movie theatres were made for these kinds of flicks and I can’t wait to get back in those reclining seats.