The Slumber Party Masscare

It’s a pretty gruesome flick as horror films go. The death’s were savage not just for what is scene but for what is not scene. One interesting niche that it had that makes it stick out was the fact that the slasher was an unmasked man. The concept does add that real scare to it cause you are not dealing with a monster. Just a man with a monstrous drill that obviously is a metaphor for his cock. The metaphor of sex is all over this horror film without the film being too overly sexualized. Despite it being called the Slumber Party Masscare, but it was made by a women, who most likely wanted to concentrate on the philosophy of the horror film (Felt like I was in film school), and did not want this to be about just hot girls in the shower (It has that but only because it’s a horror film made in the Golden Age of the Slasher film)