leaves you with no emotions

Equals seems as equally bad as it is equally good.

Everyone trying to be so Vulcan did not make for an interesting movie
it was more boring.

Nicholas Hoult plays a man living in a future where the human race got
rid of all diseases including the one we call emotions, but he turns
out to be one of the rare people who comes down with the genetic
default that allows him to feel, and when he meets a girl who also is
hiding this default, played by Kristen Stewart, they make a plan to

Overall, it works as a love story, but The story is as predicable as
any love story, and it does suffer a bit from the filmmakers purposely
dead pan format.

I did like the production design. The technology was basic but very
cool, and the all white and colorless world makes sense for what the
picture is about.

Hoult kind of has a face that reads I have an issue dealing with my
emotions, which really worked best when his character starts to develop

Kristen Stewart has always been judge for having a dry acting skill,
which worked perfectly for the movie.

The music used to composed the film really sticks out as a highlight of
the picture.

The biggest issue from a social science fiction angle is I don’t really
see how the movie is a reflection on social commentary. These guys live
in a very bare minimal future where the biggest forward in technology
seems to be these all purpose desk that are like Giant ipads (and they
live in an emotionless world that has no cell phones, which many people
say would cause an emotionless world). They use these desk to put
together info on a past long forgotten, which makes me guess that they
are living in a Utopia built out of an Apocalypse, but it is just a

If the filmmakers are going for blandness than job succeeded. It is
that and nothing less of more. Sitting through it seems pointless.

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