The Nest

If anything it’s definetly my worse fear put on celliod. As I watched the movie and realized it was not going to be about mutant cockroaches and watched with a new dredded fear that the movie would conclude with a gaint regular looking cockroach.
For the most part, the roaches were only slighty above arverge size bur Spiler alert: There is a point where the roaches start to become something truly disturbing (through the guise of monster effects).
Disturbing, but nothing quite as horrfitying as the roaches themselves. This movie does it for me casue I hate cockroaches man, and this movie is so the real deal. The orgin of the roaches is of a group of scientist trying to create a better “roach killer” basically but instead creating a stronger roach. Not only do I believe this story, but I would not be surprised if it was based on a true story. An idea that totally gives me the wellies.
Actually would not recommend seeing this movie if you hate cockroaches like me cause the realisum will fuck your head up. Thank god this movie did not end with the sight of a giant cockroach, because I would not be able to sleep again.

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